Dallas Forte is a young man that has had his fair share of adversity but music was always a breath of fresh air. Growing up in a single parent home after the death of his father (Fitzroy Forte), his mother (Mercia Forte) always ensured that him and his brother Hezekiah had everything they needed to succeed. Dallas was always inspired by the sound of different artists. Some of those greats were Kirk Franklin, Fred Hammond, Stevie Wonder and others. Discovered by his teacher in primary(elementary school), he was seen immediately as a leader due to his vocal ability and apt for the sound of the then boys choir.

With that choir, Dallas traveled his hometown of Georgetown Guyana performing at Christian events and government functions. He then went on to win first place at the Guyana Music Festival and subsequently won Best All Round Student upon graduating. At his graduation, his late father’s best friend who was also his pastor at the time saw him performing on stage and encouraged him to serve his gift in the local church and so it began.

Being in a church community, Dallas was nurtured spiritually as well as musically and was able to minister on a national level and in his latter teenage years came together with his brother’s in Christ Rayon Brandt, Yohan Jackman and the late Germaine Brandt to form the group “ONE”. It was in this group that he discovered that he could write and penned one of the group’s first songs, Restorer of My Soul.  This was featured on the National Youth Ministry’s first album recording. “One” would eventually split up due to us all being in different places at different times but Dallas mentioned that Rayon, Yohan and himself still possess a very close bond and are two of his best friends to date.

With the group no longer together, Dallas was now a soloist and when Guyana’s premier telecommunication company(GT&T) launched its first jingle competition, he took a shot at it. The results were pretty astounding. In a nation wide talent pool, Dallas placed second and that opened the door for many future opportunities. He was able to partner with USAID/GHARP with the help of Harris Arts for their DON’T “DIS” ME Campaign which dealt with persons living with stigma and discrimination because they contracted HIV/AIDS. He wrote the jingle for the campaign and subsequently wrote several jingles across the nation to help market goods and services.

Just prior to the finals of the GT&T’s competition, Dallas was recruited by Devon Roberts and Ralph Harte to be part of Guyana’s leading gospel group Second Coming Band. Dallas spent seven years with the band as one of their lead singers and traveled the Caribbean for ministry with them. With the band he also had the opportunity to open for some of Gospel music’s greats; Pastor Tye Tribbett, Pastor William McDowell, Pastor Cece Winans, Papa San, DJ Nicholas, Jason Mighty, Prodigal Son, Jadee Sellier, Richie Righteous, Positive, Isaac Blackman, etc. All this whilst still developing as a song writer and Christian artist.

While It was a great run, the season with Second Coming came to an end and Dallas plunged head first into his solo career, recording his first individual single titled Unspeakable Joy. Nobody knew of it except Dallas and his then producer(Devon Roberts) until he was encouraged to enter it into the Banks Groovy Soca Monarch competition, a secular competition with him being the only Christian contender. With God’s favor, he placed third in the country. When asked Dallas what motivated him to enter a secular competition, he clearly stated, “It’s our responsibility to be salt and light, to declare Jesus wherever we are and that’s what the platform was for”.

One year later Dallas would be take his gifts to New York City through Unique Sound Recordings owned by Minister Galton Collins. They partnered and did ministry for another three years. Dallas subsequently migrated and completed Music Business and Production studies with New York University  School of the Arts and the Clive Davis Institute Of Recorded Music.

One of the greatest tragedies in life is to watch potential die untapped.” Dr. Myles Munroe

Dallas took some time away from music to refocus, rebrand, network and most importantly connect with God more. In that time he dealt with a few health issues that really tested his faith but out of the abundance of adversity came his last EP, Real life Greatest God, produced and creatively directed by Dale Marshall of DM Creative Agency. This project was God’s response to lots of the questions he had during his illness. Today Dallas is a living healed testimony of God’s Grace, Mercy and Sovereignty.

In this season, Dallas is just trying his best with God’s help to love and serve in his Master’s vineyard and will be putting out his new EP called GRATITUDE very soon. When asked if there’s anything he’d like to say to anyone before wrapping up the interview to complete his bio, “he simply stated God’s love endures and encouraged us to seek first His kingdom. I’ve been around long enough to know God’s love is never-ending, that if we seek Him with all sincerity, we will definitely find Him and He’ll add everything else to us.” Matthew 6:33.

Finally, when asked about the kind of legacy he’d like to leave, Dallas simply stated, “He wants to be remembered as someone who honored God, loved, served others and for a sound that authentically inspired people to worship the Kings of kings and Lord of lords..Jesus.